Transparency to go through a meaningful path.

Transparency to go through a meaningful path


                    The people of this era are more intelligent ,dynamic and enthusiastic beyond the limit.Everyday is going like a river which has never learnt to stop.People are rushing here and there  just because of the hope that ,tomorrow”s  raising sun will definitely brings something new in them.Everyone works for own benefit.But,inspite of the fact that people do work ,they work hard ,they must have transparency or clarity where thy are going .There is a great saying that”if opportunity doesn’t knock you,build the door.It’s not easy to get name,fame.All the people who are popular in this world is just because they have different philosophy of living life.They have seen life with different eye.

In life there comes a point ,where we realise everything and looking backward there comes a smile in our lips .One day,we all realise those ups and down those mistakes…

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World Congress 2016, Indonesia- Plant Your Future


_mg_8832Global world is now as the community todays due to the invention of science and technology.  IAAS (International association of agriculture students and related science) World, the biggest student association of the world connecting the students from different field together making the global world a community. Every year different country organize World Congress focusing on various topics of the world in agriculture. World Congress 2016 was held in Indonesia from July 23 – Aug 13 in five different cities Bogor (Bogor Agriculture University), Bandung (Padjardajan University), Semarang (Dipenagoro University), Yogyakarta (Gaja Madah University) and Malang (Brawajiya University) by IAAS Indonesia with the theme “Plant your future”.

WoCo started from Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) on July 23 to July 29 with traditional welcome practice, national song of Indonesia where I experienced   lots of things. It was my great pleasure to upgrade Nepal from Candidate membership to Full membership country in General Assembly with various workshop and discussion programs on various topics and ideas. Practical and theory class on the tissue culture technique in Orchids in Bogor botanical Garden widens the knowledge on tissue culture. Visit to the Sabisa Farm which is one of the Entrepreneurial Farm by IPB, a farm of dragon fruit and hydroponics technology on green leafy vegetables. International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA) where young energetic youth around the world present their research papers on various topics that motivate youth to dedicate on the development of agriculture through creative idea transforming the traditional agricultural practice to modern era of the agriculture. ASEAN secretarial office visit clarifies details of their action in 10 South East Asian countries to uplift the living standard of people through agriculture and forestry sector developing various projects. Different games provide more closeness to all the friends from the world making global community.


Second destination of the WoCo 2016 was Bandung from July 30 to August 1 where we visited the Padjardajan University interaction with the university Rector of the university.  Saung Mang Udjo one of the place in in Java island with cultural performance where we had the activities to explore more on Indosian culture and traditional musical instruments. Jendala Alam was another interesting visit where we experienced the different farm activities on livestock, poultry, vegetable production and many more. Salted egg preparation practice was another interesting activity in Jendala Alam. Development fund night in Bandung made the WoCo more exciting where delegate of each country bring the souvenir from their country for the sell and fund raised to aid the travel cost of the student from category A and B in WoCo. Agrowista an organic agricultural company visit show the knowledge on organic agriculture product and production of bio fertilizer from the byproduct of industry.

Semarang was the third destination from August 2 to August 3 where we visited Dipenogoro University and administration team of the university. Plantation of mangrove plant (Guardian of the coastal region) at Merin beach was more fascinating. Village Concept Project (VCP) by IAAS local Committee   of Dipenogoro University in Gemawang village ginger cultivation and production of ginger chocolate concept was inspiring. We practiced Batik preparation on our own design in this village and know about the procedure of Batik. Excursion to the Agrowista Sidomuncul , an organic industry with organic products and organic fertilizers from the byproducts.

After the session from Semarang we moved to Yogyakarta, central java from August 4 to August 8 with various activities in Gaja Madah University. General assembly remaining session in Yogyakarta was more interesting with the presence of various country for selection of new executive committee 2016/2017 and amendment of the IAAS constitution. In the poster and country presentation delegates share about the activities by IAAS and agriculture status in their countries. Workshop on the project discussion on No Food Wastage, Women in Agriculture, IAAS talks helps to create the action and program in IAAS. We visited Imina farm with multi agricultural commodity production with the use of modern agricultural technology and experience the traditional way of rice plantation practice. The practical class to make jam and juice from the Dragon fruit in Sabila farm and different gaming activities make the visit more interesting.

August 9 to August 13, the last session of the WoCo 2016 by Local committee of Brawijaya University, Malang.  International youth climate summit in Brawijaya University was a great platform to know the about the burning issue climate change with the theme Industrial development Vs Environmental conservation. Global leaders around the world who have great contribution present their activities to reduce the climate change for the sustainable environment. Green company presentation with its activities in various countries of the world to produce the eco-friendly products from wastage materials was awesome. The most unforgettable moment and great experience was in the Taji village of Malang, inhabitant of Javanese people. Plantation program with the tag of each country and sharing by the village major about the village their living style makes to experience Indonesian village life interesting. Homestay in the villager’s house and to experience their living style with their traditional food taste. We had plantation of the coffee, harvesting cabbage, cassava, and visit to the apple orchard with the villagers. Kota Batu Animal husbandry and training center where we observed the meat processing and milk processing technique. Rafting in Kota Batu River during the departure day was awesome with awesome friends.

WoCo 2016 in Indonesia was awesome with lots of fun, knowledge, sharing and visit to various location of java island with delegates from 25 different countries. Development fund help me to attend the WoCo as delegate from Nepal. Thank you IAAS World for this great platform. All the moments we have with global friends is all about the friendship and memories.

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The Sustainable Development Goals: MESHing with the Environment

Sustainable Development Goals



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed to in 2015, address issues of human well-being.  SDG 15 is titled “Life on land” and its aim is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems.  This goal calls for the sustainable management of forests, the combat of desertification, the halting and reversing of land degradation and the halting of biodiversity loss. 

Although SDG 15 is about land and environmental impacts, really each of the SDGs can be influenced by environmental issues. Since the beginning of humankind, people’s well-being has been inextricably linked to the environment. Actions that affect the environment can thus affect the different SDG targets, from poverty to hunger to clean energy.

When countries plan to take action, especially developmental actions, that impact on the environment, they must often estimate the extent of the impact. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are becoming common place, and although social implications are taken into consideration within EIAs, the calculation of social impacts, especially those…

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A One Day Excursion of MAPs

Things I hear, I forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand. Education system in our context doesn’t seem to be advancing in this direction. I often refer this system as putting cart before the horse. Revolution is paving its path and we are being the front lines.  Here I proudly mention the one-day excursion that we had on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs).

Our motive was clear as we were agriculture students who are responsible for production, management, processing and marketing of plants and its product. This time it was herbal crops. Our 1st destination Bishnu Ayurved Hernal production farm in Dharampur, Chitwan. Plants like Kalo Tulsi, Aavijalo, Kurilo, Sarpagandha, gurjo, Kamini, etc are produced and marketed. These farmers are facing the problem of proper marketing and government policy. Here, we not only understand the importance and management of herbal plants but also knew that the herbal and aromatic plants can turn to be a milestone in nation’s economy and development.

Our next destination was District Ayurvedic Health Centre in Tandi, Chitwan which took government services for granted. I would never choose these facilities over sophisticated hospitals. But I must admit, now I have a soft corner for the services; credit to the visit. Talking about the ayurvedic health centre, it provides every treatment and facilities that you would except from an ayurvedic health centre. Here, we were acquainted with the medicinal plants, preparation and processing of medicine.

Then, we went to Yogi Ramdev Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital in Devghat, Chitwan. Here we learned different beneficial aspects of Yoga. Yoga is the exercise of brain, body and soul. Yoga keeps our body ready for any consequences. We also learned about the five stages of psychology namely Mood, Kshibta, Bikshibta, Aekagra and Nirudha. We were told about the five condition where psychology could be changed namely Pramarn, Biparya, Bikalpa, Nindra and Ishmriti. We also learned about the types of Yoga and major practices under yoga. We also observed various types of Treatment machines such as Infraforential Therapy, Ultrasound Excerciser, Shoulder Exerciser, Acupuncture, and Traction. These things we learned and had 1st hand experience.

Things I learned personally will remain with me for my lifetime. So, I would like to thank all those who helped me to make this trip a fruitful and worthy. We expect more of this type of excursion in near future.



YAP Proposal #220: Integrated Organic Farming (Kiran Timilsina, Nepal)


crops grown

I see an agribusiness that is profitable, healthy, and environmentally friendly. My motives are for developing ecopreneurship and organopreneurship along with agripreneurship.

I am Kiran Timilsina, a self-motivated visionary young man of 21, from Kaskikot, a rural place in Nepal situated 8 km west of Pokhara. I am doing my bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan.

I have dreamt for a project that is profitable, healthy, and environment amicable. The only realistic prospect for my dream is doing agribusiness that can fulfil all these three objectives. For this, I, along with my family, am producing organic products on our land for two years.

Here in Nepal, today’s agriculture in the name of high production is flooded with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are not only degrading soil health but also human health and sustainable production.

This problem is now becoming more…

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