Commercial Ostrich Production In Nepal

                            Commercial Ostrich Farm In Nepal

Which is the largest bird in the World? Name the biggest egg laying bird? Which is the fastest running bird on the land? All these  common  GK questions have same answer and its Ostrich.

Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd is first and only farm in Nepal located in Gangoliya-1, Rupandehi between Butwal and Bhairahawa in 20 bighas land which is biggest Ostrich farm of Asia.  They started the ostrich farming with 1000 chicks with the initial  investment of 13 crore. The main aim to establish farm is to meet high demand of ostrich products (skin, feather, meat)  in international market which are expensive. The farm also sells ostrich products in some hotel of Nepal.

Ostrich is the largest bird known and native of Africa which is distinctive in its appearance with a long neck and legs. It has capability to run with  speed of 70 km/hr. It weighs from 60-140 kg. We can distinguish male and female via feather, adult male have black and female have greyis- brown and white color feather. Ostrich matures sexually at 2-4 yrs old where female mature 6 months earlier than male.

Ostrich is mainly farmed  for meat ,  feather (decorative) and skin (leather products) which are marketed commercially. The price of Ostrich meat in the            international  market is US$90 and in Nepal 2000 per kg.

The diet of Ostrich consists of mainly plant matters such as seeds, shrubs, grasss, etc. It also eats invetebrates like insects.

Ostrich has red meat low in fat with great taste similar to beef meat in taste and colour which is considered very well for health. Ostrich have fat but collected outside muscles which can easily be removed during processing, so this meat is famous with people who love red meat but think of body weight too.

Ostrich farm have many advantages which can be enlisted as below,

  • Donot require more land to graze as of livestock
  • Give products earlier than livestock
  • When Ostrich is slaughter only a little is wasted. Meat is sold in market, feathers and skin  for leather products.

Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd has started a new farm in Bijauri, Dang in 80 bighas  besides Rupandehi with popularity of Ostrich meat and products inside the nation and abroad.

The world second largest bird Emu are also in the farm of Gangoliya which are about 300 in number. There are about 7000 ostrichs in Gangoliya and 700 in Dang. This farm provide an employment opportunity to many people along with its famous in international market. Government need to promote such farm in Nepal with experts and researchers in this field. Then We can introduce Nepal from Ostrich in worldwide along  with our pride Buddha, Mt. Everest and many beautiful natural scenario.20140519_121147[1]


5 thoughts on “Commercial Ostrich Production In Nepal”

  1. Upakar bhandari ji sarbapratham namaskar bharkharai matra nepal ko ostrich palan sambandhi news internet marfat pade ra aru pani padne chhu .Tapai ko bichar ma sunsari tira jagga bhadama liyera karib 300 dekhi 400 samma palna ko lagi suru garna ko lagi kati jagga kati jati manpower ko aabasykata parxa yes barema batai dinu ho la sathai teha bata tapai haru le dine prabidhik sahayog haru k k chhan challa liyera bade paxi tapai haru le nai kharid garnu hunxa bhanne suneko xu kripaya jharko na mani reply garidinu ho la sathai tapai haru ko policy chha bhane attached garera pathaidinu ho la . Milxa bhane tapai ko samparka number dinu ho la ma hajur la contact garne chhu. hal saudiarabiya.

  2. Hlw sir ostrich palan garna ko lage kk planing garnu parla ?ane upkar g hame le chala nai leaunay ta hola ne ane chala ko prise kate parx hola plz jharko na mane vane denu vaya avari hunay thea upkar g

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