Unemployment One of the most prominent problem in Nepal

Nepal, the Himalayan country with lots of natural beauty which are the nature gift.  Nepal one of the best destination to visit.  The biggest peak of the world, Mt Everest , Birthplace of Lord Buddha who is Light of Asia and many more natural scenario to visit here. But in this beautiful nation the most prominent problem is unemployment which is taking many of the young to other countries in search of employment.
Every day about 1200 youth via Tribhuwan International Airport and many other via India which have no reliable data.  The rate of people going abroad is increasing 325% this year. This is our fate the strong and enthusiastic youth are compel to go abroad to earn money. 
Nepal have many of probability to develop the skills and ideas to youth by means of skilled training.  Himalayan region in the northern side can be developed best for Livestock Cultivation , Hilly region for the Fruits production and plain Terai region as crops production area. Along with these region can be best utilized as tourist destination place. 
Tourism can be on of the leading opportunity for youth and nation to create employment. 
Government should launch the programme in favour of youth which create the employment opportunities to youth and cannot think of abroad.  If such certainly the development in nation will be fast out of our thinking.
Youth have such strong enthusiasm to create such opportunity if nation create  opportunity for youth.
Youth For Change


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