ICT’s the only way to promote Agriculture

Agriculture is a way of life. Nepal, where more than 65 percent people involve in agriculture as their main occupation for living but still it cannot fulfill their needs. Subsistence agriculture on the fragment land system is prevailing in Nepal. Information and Communication Technology can play a key role to upgrade the present Subsistence agriculture into the commercial agriculture. Social Medias , newspaper , radio , television , SMS , Smartphone applications , blogs and various articles on different internet sites are the most to farmers and researchers co-ordination to learn and share more on agriculture.Nepal with most of the rural areas where agriculture is the daily routine of most of the people. The use of ICT’s in agriculture is very much important which can be termed as E-agriculture. This involves the use of concepts, design and evaluation of the process on agriculture enhancing the rural people development . Agriculture involve crop cultivation , water and fertilizer management, entomological and pathological management, harvesting , post harvest technology , conversion of agro-products through processing , their marketing maintaining the quality of agro products in a sequential manner. There should be the judicious decision of the farmers in such activities to get maximum outputs with their inputs. There is a necessary of the modern technology and information.Geographical situation itself is the boon to Nepali agriculture which suits growth of nearly all type of agro crops grown in the world where technology can have special use to this gift of nature. Use of technology for weather forecasting, geographical situation also uplift the agriculture. Nowadays the use of smart phones is increasing so smart phones applications can play a vital role to flow information and knowledge via different applications. Various smart apps like Krishi-Ghar , Smart Krishi , IFA-Agriculture are disseminating their information and knowledge to the farmer level. Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) provides a wide geographical fencing and mapping . One of the examples of use of GPS in Kenya as Every year Elephants are troubling the farmers by damaging their valuable crops. For the control of this they fit a special device to the elephant that warns when elephant enter such areas with GPS and SMS alerts. Same technology can be beneficial in the Terai region of Nepal where elephants and rhinos are destroying the agriculture crops every year.Radio , television and newspaper are also one of the best way to provides knowledge of modern agriculture to farmer level. I myself host Agriculture Radio program which give a way to learn the farmer in rural level who have no access of Internet , newspapers. Radio is easy means for farmer to get access with t the information in their own indigenous way in simple way. Through the interview with agriculture scientists , successful farmers , related authority on agriculture field and solving their agricultural problems on crops and livestock’s disseminate more knowledge and interest to use technology to their agriculture. Audio – visual media are the best way of learning and this can be gain by the farmer with radio and televisions. Success story of farmers from such medias inspire them to adopt technology and use in their farms. A easy way to understand and adopt the knowledge is communication and technology.Many of the technological tools are developed like automatic milking in the diary technology which milk the diary milk without human labor which is benefits economically as well in quality management of the diary products. There are other technological invention that lead agriculture to a higher level and uplift the daily living status of Nepali people.Various International and National Conferences focused the use of ICT’s to promote the agriculture. The ultimate way of upgrading the present status of the Nepalese agriculture from the subsistence to a Commercial world of agriculture is ICT’s. No other way to promote the agriculture other than ICT’s in long term and sustainable development of the nation and people. Nepal definitely can be the world leading nation from the agriculture prospect if the use of ICT’s is promoted from the grass root level .blog


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