YAP Proposal #220: Integrated Organic Farming (Kiran Timilsina, Nepal)


crops grown

I see an agribusiness that is profitable, healthy, and environmentally friendly. My motives are for developing ecopreneurship and organopreneurship along with agripreneurship.

I am Kiran Timilsina, a self-motivated visionary young man of 21, from Kaskikot, a rural place in Nepal situated 8 km west of Pokhara. I am doing my bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan.

I have dreamt for a project that is profitable, healthy, and environment amicable. The only realistic prospect for my dream is doing agribusiness that can fulfil all these three objectives. For this, I, along with my family, am producing organic products on our land for two years.

Here in Nepal, today’s agriculture in the name of high production is flooded with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are not only degrading soil health but also human health and sustainable production.

This problem is now becoming more…

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