A One Day Excursion of MAPs

Things I hear, I forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand. Education system in our context doesn’t seem to be advancing in this direction. I often refer this system as putting cart before the horse. Revolution is paving its path and we are being the front lines.  Here I proudly mention the one-day excursion that we had on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs).

Our motive was clear as we were agriculture students who are responsible for production, management, processing and marketing of plants and its product. This time it was herbal crops. Our 1st destination Bishnu Ayurved Hernal production farm in Dharampur, Chitwan. Plants like Kalo Tulsi, Aavijalo, Kurilo, Sarpagandha, gurjo, Kamini, etc are produced and marketed. These farmers are facing the problem of proper marketing and government policy. Here, we not only understand the importance and management of herbal plants but also knew that the herbal and aromatic plants can turn to be a milestone in nation’s economy and development.

Our next destination was District Ayurvedic Health Centre in Tandi, Chitwan which took government services for granted. I would never choose these facilities over sophisticated hospitals. But I must admit, now I have a soft corner for the services; credit to the visit. Talking about the ayurvedic health centre, it provides every treatment and facilities that you would except from an ayurvedic health centre. Here, we were acquainted with the medicinal plants, preparation and processing of medicine.

Then, we went to Yogi Ramdev Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital in Devghat, Chitwan. Here we learned different beneficial aspects of Yoga. Yoga is the exercise of brain, body and soul. Yoga keeps our body ready for any consequences. We also learned about the five stages of psychology namely Mood, Kshibta, Bikshibta, Aekagra and Nirudha. We were told about the five condition where psychology could be changed namely Pramarn, Biparya, Bikalpa, Nindra and Ishmriti. We also learned about the types of Yoga and major practices under yoga. We also observed various types of Treatment machines such as Infraforential Therapy, Ultrasound Excerciser, Shoulder Exerciser, Acupuncture, and Traction. These things we learned and had 1st hand experience.

Things I learned personally will remain with me for my lifetime. So, I would like to thank all those who helped me to make this trip a fruitful and worthy. We expect more of this type of excursion in near future.



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